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Corporate Policy

Quality and Socioenvironmental Responsibility

Tigre S. A – Tubos e Conexões, a multinational company in the segments of pipes, fittings, accessories and frames made of PVC and painting tools, active globally with the best solutions in products and services, including from the perspective of sustainable development and quality of life, assumes as:



Promoting the sustainable development of the human habitat.


Leading the Pipes and Fittings market of Latin America.

Code of Conduct (Values)

Sharing challenges and results
What it is:
» Working collectively in a coordinated and integrated manner.
» Developing alliances in actions, sharing challenges and results.
» Being committed to the requirements of internal and external customers.
Agir de forma coerente com o que se fala
What it is:
» Communicating proactively with sincerity, clarity and respect.
» Showing agreement and disagreement in a constructive manner.
» Acting in a manner which is consistent with what is said.
Causing To Occur
Commitment to the objectives of the company
What it is:
» Being innovating, differentiated, agile and persistent in the search for and implementation of short-, mid- and long-term solutions.
» Showing determination and being proactive, aiming at the profitable growth of the company.
» Motivating people to be committed to the objectives of the company.


Being focused on the customer and seeking continuous improvement of the business, processes, products and services, acting in a corporate manner, guaranteeing financial return to the shareholders.

Adopting a transparent and ethical posture, in all the aspects of the management, executing the standards of  Tigre, the legal requirements and others subscribed, applicable to the business.

Having an environmental system focused on the management of residue, preventing pollution and minimizing the consumption of natural resources and raw materials, renewable or not.

Having activities aligned with sustainable development, adopting the best practices of management, the  principles of sustainability and maintaining the Carlos Roberto Hansen Institute (ICRH), responsible for the actions of Tigre together with the external public.

Having a system of Labor Health and Safety which ensures the management of the hazards and risks, through actions of preventing accidents and incidents, ensuring the wellbeing of collaborators and third parties.

Developing the competences of the collaborators promoting training, awareness and education.

Acknowledging and valuing the collaborators, providing them with quality of life, benefits, the opportunity for professional growth and profit sharing.

Encouraging vendors, partners and contracted companies to adopt this Policy and be aware of its importance.

F. Amaury Olsen
October / 2006